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General Questions

What does the ONECommunity offer and why should I join?

The ONECommunity is a central source for technical professionals to problem solve, share knowledge and engage with peers and OneStream. 

It is made up of technical forums, assorted resources, blogs and IdeaStream (product enhancement requests). 

Joining lets you take full advantage of the Community, enabling you to:

  • Post comments and questions 
  • Receive email when someone responds to a specific post or topic
  • Exchange private messages with other members
  • Personalize your community experience
  • Post ideas, vote on the ideas you like best, and post comments 

If you don't join, you can only browse, search for information, and read posts. You won't be able to give kudos, vote on ideas, interact with other community members, or set customization preferences.

Where can I find the ONECommunity Code of Conduct?
View our Community Code of Conduct
What are the Community Terms of Service?
View our Community Terms of Service
What are Kudos?

By definition, kudos are "praise given for achievement". On the ONECommunity, that definition applies as well. When you find a post helpful or interesting, you show your appreciation by giving kudos. To give a kudo, you click the thumbs up icon below a post.

Try it out!  Please note: you must be signed in to give kudos.


What is an accepted solution?

An Accepted Solutions is a way for you to choose the reply that best answers a question that you've posted and shows your appreciation! When you accept a solution, both the question and the solution get special icons and links that take you directly from the question to the answer.

An Accepted Solutions icon also appears on boards and in search results so you can see which messages have solutions.

You can mark a solution as accepted only for questions that you've posted (you started the thread). Community moderators can also mark one of the replies to a message as an accepted solution

What are the forums?

The OneStream Forum is a place for our members to ask questions, start discussions and connect with peers and OneStream. By posting in this area you’re helping others that might have similar questions and needs. Any solution from this forum you attempt to implement should be done in a test environment and not in your production environment. You should test any item for performance to ensure it produces the correct solution. These are crowdsourced solutions and may need to account for unique nuances of individual applications. Use them at your own risk.

OneStream strives to create a helpful, friendly and collaborative Community for you to participate in. Please take note of the following points:

  • If you are posting a troubleshooting question or seeking advice, try to be as detailed as possible. Do not share any specific account details as this area is visible to all our members!
  • If your needs require sharing company specific details that shouldn’t be public, please open a support ticket in Service Now
  • If your needs are complex that requires more than 10-15 minutes of time to answer, please create a support ticket or reach out to your consultant
  • If you posted something by accident, would like something removed, or run across anything you believe shouldn’t be in the Forum, please go into the post options and mark it with “report inappropriate content” stating a reason
What is the difference between Blogs, Knowledge Base (KB) and Forums in the Community?

In order to help clarify questions as to what these three items are in the community. We have posted some basic definitions to help everyone understand the clarity between these items.

Forums: These are open communication between all parties. The solutions expressed in here might not be the absolute correct solution but there a place where customers, partners and others can engage in debate and seek for answers to help others and come to a consensus. Not everything in forums can be 100% vetted while it is monitored its for the community to decide what is right. Its essentially crowdsourcing a solution.

Knowledge Base (KB): These are facts. These are proven vetted items that are supplied by approved resources. These include the following items. Blueprint Bulletins, Office Hours Q&A, Code Samples and Technical Guides or reference materials.

Blogs: A Blog is more opinion based or more serialized content that is more free form and discussion based that tends to have more personality and not a stringent as a knowledge base item.

Can I use ONECommunity on mobile?
Yes, try it out! Our website is responsive so you can utilize the ONECommunity on the go.
I need help with VB & SQL
Check out this article for information regarding VB & SQL
What if I still need help?
Please contact us at


Account Questions

How do I register? How do I login?

The ONECommunity uses Single Sign On with OKTA. Once you've gained access to OKTA, simply click on the ONECommunity app and login.

If you're registering, click on the app and follow the prompts to choose a username. Remember this username will be visible to all users when you post. Typically we use first initial last name. For those users that do not have an existing OKTA ID, it may take additional time.

If you have a problem logging into the Community please email

How do I update my profile avatar?

To update your profile avatar, open your profile page by selecting your miniature portrait in the top right of the screen.

agoralewski_0-1693328813880.png Once you open your profile page, click the pencil icon next to your current avatar. Next, select your image. You can upload it from your computer, use an image you've already uploaded to the community (the "From my albums" tab), or import an image via URL (the "From another site" tab).


Once you have selected your new image, you'll be prompted to crop it — TWICE. You'll crop it once for your main profile avatar and once for your mini-avatar that appears next to your name on posts ("Message Avatar").


That's it!

How can I change my notification settings?

You can customize your notifications in the community in many ways, including time zone, email notification frequency, avatar, view all subscriptions in your Community Settings.
To set your viewing preferences:

  • Sign in to the community.agoralewski_0-1693505244797.png
  • Go to My Settings > Preferences
  • Click through the various preference tabs and make the changes you want
  • Save on each tab where you make changes

How can I change my username?


Have you decided you no longer like your username that you initially set up? Good news is that you can change it! Click on your avatar in the top right corner and go to 'my settings'. You'll be able to see your username and edit it. Don't forget to click save!


Posting & Content Questions

How do I post Code?
 Among the many tools that ONECommunity has is the ability to post your code with some built in formatting.

When your writing a post if you select on the icon in yellow </> 



A window will pop up that will allow you to post your code.   

When posting code all code should be commented properly.  



'Example Code

Dim strLine As String = args.Line
Dim sections As List(Of String) = Stringhelper.SplitString(strline, "-", vbNullString)
Dim stracct As String = sections(0)
Return stracct

How do I post XML Files?
The policy currently blocks XML files from being loaded into the community.   Please zip up any XML files to attach them to a post within the community.    
How do I add photos to a post?

You've crafted the PERFECT message to post on our brand new ONE Community form...or so you thought!

Maybe you need a little extra something to provide clarity on all the detail you've outlined. Or, you just want to make your post easier to read.

ONE Community members are able to add images in messages and posts within the Community! There are two ways to to accomplish this:


1. Use the "Photos" button in the editor:

2. Use the "Attach" feature below the text box (drag/drop or browse to attach):


NOTE: In order for your photos to appear within your post, you will need to use the "Photos" feature in the editor menu. Any photos or files using option 2 will need to be downloaded to be viewed. 

How can I customize or personalize my post with Emojis?

We all know that text messages and emails are devoid of emotion, which contributes to comments being taken out of context.

Make your Community forum posts more meaningful and engaging by using emojis! 😁😀

ONECommunity allows you to use the default emojis already available on your device, whether it's a computer, tablet or phone!  Select the smile icon when making a new post.

How can I flag inaccurate content, content that is no longer correct, or inappropriate content?

agoralewski_0-1692984508474.pngAs this community grows and evolves, new features will occur and make existing posts wrong or no longer valid.  ONE Community should be a safe, professional place for all members to constructively collaborate. On occasion, our members may notice some content that is spam or inappropriate in nature.


You can help the community by reporting content that is incorrect or no longer valid as well as reporting inappropriate content. ONE Community members are able to "Report Inappropriate Content" from the carrot/drop-down menu in the upper right of the post


For inaccurate, irrelevant or inappropriate content, please report it all as inappropriate content,   We will review it and either archive it or edit it and correct it.    

How do I write a blog?
 If you are interested in writing a blog, please reach out to and share the topic or rough draft of the blog you'd like to post. 
How can I add a signature to my posts?

Login to your ONECommunity account and click your profile avatar in the upper right corner of the window.

Next, Gg to My Settings > Personal Profile > Personal Information to populate the "Signature" field. Save


Error Questions

HTTP Status 401 Error

This error occurs when time out has occured with Okta. 

Close the browser and start a new browser and you will be able to log in via OKTA. 

Post Flooding Error Message

If you receive the post flooding error message it occurs if you hit submit twice or more.  The resulting original error is that a label was not put on the message.  Labels are required for certain posts.  

Error Message Access Denied

If you get this error message you have tried to access a part of the community you do not have access to.  

If you received an invite to this area, please go to your private messages and accept your invite to the closed community in order to be able to access the area. 

For all other issues, please email

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