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  • Is it possible to dynamically reference the Source Field Name mapping “Figure 2”. 
  • For example, the application created is a 4-4-5 time series and dependent on the quarter interfaced the first week could be WK14, WK27 or WK40. 
  • Ideally, the Source Field Name would include the year which would facilitate the typical Time One-To-One transformations.


As an alternative solution, is it possible to have dynamic Time transformations “Figure 3”. 


  • In the example, WK01 could be 2018W1 or 2019W1 based on the year being interfaced.  The year of the Workflow Profile is used as a variable in the connector business rule to make the BR dynamic and the thought is to include the year as part of the source value “column name” either dynamically as part of the data source definition or with a BR. 
  • The solution I have to date is to create time transformations by year and quarter and leave the data source as is.  For example, WK01 for the first quarter load would have a target value of 2019W2 and for the second quarter a target value of 2019W14 etc.



  • Last part first – NO, it is not currently possible to have dynamic/mask/wild-card mappings for Time. Only one-to-one mappings for Time are possible at this time. You could submit an enhancement request for this…
  • Follow-up from partner: WF Time is the year…so this load is being done 4 times (once for each quarter).
  • Have 4 separate data connectors…one for each quarter
  • Transform the time period via BR to the corresponding OS time period
  • Time mappings would all be one-for-one mappings (2019W1 to 2019W1)


 Source: Office Hours 2019-11-26 Partner Enablement

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