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Client wants to be able to track cash balances by bank account by week. However, a week is denoted as every Friday of the month and the month end day (even if not a Friday).  Therefore each month ends up having 5 or 6 "weeks". Is this something that could be done in the time dimension or should it use a UD?


•Obviously, it can depend on the requirements. When deciding how to address the requirement, consider the metadata model, how many entities/accounts are impacted by this requirement? Will the view dimension functionality be required?

•For a relatively small requirement, the UD approach may be suitable since creating a weekly calendar has some end user trade-offs, e.g seeing weeks across the application. The UD approach, however, may require replication of view functionality or more complex calculations for rolling forward balances. 

•Using a weekly time dimension may be a better option where the weekly data needs view functionality (periodic/YTD) or the ability to enter movements by week.

•With regard this this question, it is possible to specify the time dimension to have up to 6 weeks per month and this can be varied by year. Prior to creating an application, a weekly time dimension can be defined within the system tab. 

•Within each scenario, the input frequency setting controls whether the scenario will use weeks, months, quarters, half years or full years. Consequently, the same application can have weekly and monthly scenarios. There is no need for a new application just for the weekly data. 


Source:  Office Hours 2019-08-11

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