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Cube Dimension Assignment

Summary The following details offer a quick snapshot of this article’s core content and primary focus to ensure that it is most relevant to your needs. What: Cube dimension assignment When: Early build Why: Enable future flexibility How: Assign dimen...

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Guiding Principles

Overview Whether designing or building a OneStream application, it’s vital to keep end-user experience, performance, and administration in balance. An application that lacks any one of them risks full acceptance and ultimately a successful rollout wi...

chul by Contributor III
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Filter IC Dimension by Entity Property

A common requirement for reporting is to be able to filter the IC dimension by some property that exists only on the original Entity members. This can be achieved with a custom Member List defined in a Finance business Rule. Select Case api.FunctionT...

JackLacava by Honored Contributor
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Extender: Rename a dimension

This snippet will rename a dimension. Note: RenameDim does not create entries in Audit tables, which means the Audit Metadata report will not contain anything related to this operation. For this reason, we do not recommend to use this snippet outside...

OSAdmin by Valued Contributor
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Extender: Auto Update Member Property

This snippet will modify a Member property that can vary by Scenario Type and/or Time. Just pass the relevant ScenarioType ID or Time member ID to set it in a more specific way; it will then appear as a "Stored Item" in the interface. Note: SaveMembe...

OSAdmin by Valued Contributor
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