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New Features in Account Reconciliations

In this article, you will learn about new features and functionality within the Account Reconciliations solution and why they matter. Learn more about enhanced controls and auditability features released in April 2022.Easily Update Reconciliation Att...

Easily Update Rec Attributs.png Account Groups Page.png Security Granular.png User Friendly Rec States 1.png
dselca by New Contributor
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Best Practices to Getting Started with Task Manager

Getting OrganizedGeneral Set-upSettingsGlobal OptionsClose Dates/Holiday ProfilesCategoriesAdministrationGroupsTasks/Task DependenciesPublishingIn this article, you will learn how to set up your Task Manager solution for success. Learn more about gen...

OnePlace Dashboard Screeenshot.png Scorecard and Cube View screenshot.png Task Import Template Screenshot.png Global Options Screenshot.png
dselca by New Contributor
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Extender: Rename a dimension

Rename a dimension '>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CAUTION<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 'BRApi.Finance.Dim.GetDimPk 'This API does not make entries into the Audit tables and will not be reflected in the Audit Metadata Report Dim originalDim As String = String.Empty '<-- Dimension...

OSAdmin by Valued Contributor
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Extender: Auto Update Member Property

Update Text1 value for Account member '>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CAUTION<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 'BRApi.Finance.MemberAdmin.SaveMemberInfo 'This API does not make entries into the Audit tables and will not be reflected in the Audit Metadata Report 'Recommended usage of ...

OSAdmin by Valued Contributor
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