UD8 - Scenario at Budget Rate

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Hi all, 
I am creating a Reporting UD8 node that provides an on-the-fly calculation of the consolidated data at Budget Rates.

It is working (mostly), except for one aspect that relates to the pulling of the percent consolidation data for the base nodes of a higher level parent. In this case,  the percent consolidation for that node is not being picked up correctly.

Here is the approach I have taken within the script and the steps to test / resolve.

The scripting takes a simple approach of picking the Entity node queried and then pulling the appropriate level of base data, so cycling through all Entity base nodes of a given parent, pulling the PCON, Ex Rate and data point from Actuals in the local layer, and multiplying them together, then cycling through to the next base node.

In terms of issue, the issue seems to be if i pick a parent that has one or two layers of parent / children beneath it, it fails to retrieve the correct  PCON information.

What the formula does ( a little more detail )...

Step 1 Pull the parent name and parent ID for the entity selected

Step 2 Pull all the base nodes of that parent For each of those base nodes of that parent, pull the Xchange Rate for that entity PCON for the entity (using the ultimate parent above and not the actual parent if there are layers in the hierarchy) Data amount in local currency

Step 3 Write this to the data to the error log (only while in Dev, so I can see the values being pulled)

Step 4 Multiply the three data points

Step 5 Rinse and repeat for the remaining base entities, aggregating the values.

I have an issue whew a specific entity is pulling the PCON Data of 1. However, the PCON in the system in 0, in every structure so I do not understand how and why it is pulling 1.

The entity exists in multiple structures, the ownership percentage is 0. The ownership is set in the default scenario. 

So my gap is being able to select the actual parent of a base node in a specific parent hierarchy, in order to resolve this.

Any ideas?


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This sounds like a problem that can't be addressed without a look at the actual code and (anonymised) entity structure. You're probably retrieving a member somewhere in a way that is not specific to the relationship, so the object gets default values.