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Updating rates via rule when user does not have Manage Fx rate role

New Contributor

I have a extensibility rule which copies and adjusts rates in modeling scenarios. Works fine for Administrators, but I would need to get this working also certain divisional users, which do not have the Manage FX rate role (as per now). To my understanding the rule is not able to update the rates since the session info contains user which does not have Manage FX rate role. Is there any way of getting around this, other than granting the Divisional users the Manage FX rate role, which would give them access also to certain rates that they should not be able to adjust?


Contributor II

Hi Jarno,

Could you explore using text attributes for those specific users for whom you want to grant access, say we set Text1 as "AllowFXRateEdits" for those set of  users. Then update your extensibility rule to check if user has Manage FX rate role or text1 attribute as "AllowFXRateEdits", allow edits FX rates.

Hope this helps.


Bharti Paryani

Problem is that user needs to be in the manage FX rates group to be able to manipulate the rates via the dashboard's extensibility rule and if user is in this group then they can modify all the rates, not just the ones controlled through the dashboard. They could go and update also the Actual rates.  Having the txt attribute does not give the user access to the rates