Post Consolidation Adjs (OwnerPostAdj) on locked companies?


1. We have a very basic "standard entity workflow" with Import, Forms and Adjs.
2. Local uses does his job and lock the workflow and the related entity assigned to that workflow. Fine.

.... And now we are lost.

How the consolidator can post central adjs OwnerPostAdj? If we try to post the journal we receive:
"Data validation error. Workflow Profile 'BlaBlaBla' is locked for 'Actual', '2023M4', 'AdjInput', and Workflow Channel 'Standard'."

Is there a native configuration to enable "OwnerPostAdj" on a locked company?

Or, if it is not a standard Onestream feature, are you aware of any a basic workaround to enable it ?

Thanks in advance


New Contributor III

The whole intent of locking is really to prevent new data from being added unless someone unlocks - so the short answer is no. I typically only allow administrators or power users to fully lock a workflow - not the local users.

One option - Locking is done by origin so you could just have local users lock the import origin; leaving the adjustment/journals origin open to post. Once the consolidator is done posting, they can then lock the adjustment/journals origin.

Another option: For local users, I recommend just setting up a workflow "Certify" step so they can "soft-lock' the step as completed. This will still leave your origin members open to load/post/submit data, but gives control over the data that was loaded. Only users with execution on the workflow step would be able to un-certify. 


A more advanced and not recommended method: You could write an event handler rule that quickly unlocks before the journal posts, then locks immediately after it is posted. This is script based and really defeats the purpose of locking IMO.


Hope this helps.