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Trouble extracting DataManagementStep and DataManagementSequence using xfProject

OneStream Employee
OneStream Employee

I can extract an entire DataManagementGroup just fine, but if I want to extract only one DM step and/or one DM sequence using XF Project, it fails. It will create an empty zip file.

I have also tried extracting the DataManagmentGroup with IncludeDecendants=false along with the DM Step and Sequence but that just creates a zip with one xml that only contains the DM Group, and neither the DM Step or the Sequence are included in the extract.

Has anyone had any luck extracting DataManagementStep or DataManagementSequence? It seems the Group must be specified since steps in different groups can have the same name, but I don't see anything about this in the documentation.


New Contributor III

A potential work-around using a custom dashboard: Write a business rule that looks at the DataMgmtStep or DataMgmtSequence tables and exports the XmlData field for a specific step or sequence to an XML file. You can specify the step or sequence in a parameter that is passed to the BR. You will need to add the group tag at the top and bottom of the file, but that can also be done in the BR.

Thanks Gidon_Albert! I'll give that a try. 

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