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Stop Multiselect from Refreshing after each selection

I have a combobox with a multiselect option enabled and it utilized by a data grid. I've set up the User Interface Action to refresh the grid and it works fine. However, it refreshes after each selection. If the user wants to select 3 options, it wil...

Bi Viewer Chart - Do not display specific values

Hi All,similar to this post: I have created a chart with bars and a line on a secondary y-axis. I also used the method to form the se...

MCS by New Contributor
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Dashboard Export to PDF with multiple components

Hi,Does anyone know if it is possible to export a Dashboard to PDF on one page?I have a dashboard that incorporates a CV on top with two graphs in a BIV below. I need both the CV and BIV components to export to PDF on the same page? I have only been ...

DCR by New Contributor
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