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Metadata Update from Data file Load

Our client provides a data file with Cost Center members including Parent/Child Relationship. They would like to Automatically update new Cost Centers when the data file is loaded. Any existing Cost center moves from one parent to another should also...

Retrieve Annotation as read only

Hi, i'm retrieving the annotations in CV where as i could retrieve as read only for the account type dynamic calc(third row in screenshot) for account type Revenue still i cell is editable(first two rows). how can i make them read-only? i have alread...



Hello all, Hoping you may share some thoughts on this. For the workflow, we have created security groups : 1. for input users (WF_Preparer) assigned to the Workflow steps in the Workflow execution Group 2. review users (WF_Review) assigned on the Wor...

Flipping a Sign

Hello, I just need help flipping a sign on a final report. Here is the data: Here is the report (there is a negative sign in front of the number insert): And here is what my OneStream is showing: I went into transformation rules and flipped the sign ...

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