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Landing Page guidance

Hi, I am looking at the Splash Berlin landing page and was looking for some guidance as to how to create the 2 lines of buttons at the top of the page as I'm trying to create a landing page at present. Thanks for any advice.


Periodic Data Entry

This feels like it should be easy, but I'm struggling to get it working correctly... We're trying to build-out a variance scenario where folks can enter data to bridge their forecast to actual. Our set-up is similar to the variance set-up in GolfStre...

Resolved! "Cancelled by system" task status

Hi, we see some of our automated tasks cancelled by the system (e.g. task status = Cancelled by System in task activity) every now and again, and don't really understand why this occurs. Can someone shed some light on why this happens and how to prev...

alex by New Contributor II
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