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Resolved! Cube Limit

Hi All, I have a bit of an extreme question here. Is there any limit, whether system or logically, that there are too many cubes in an application? My example (which I have simplified here for illustrative purposes) relates to UD1 for Cost Centers wh...

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Okta Bearer Token for API call

Hi Community, We are trying to set up Rest API call to execute Data Management (OneStream v8.1) call from external system (e.g. Postman) I followed the document for REST_API_Implementation_Guide.pdf and I am not able to configure the Bearer Token (we...

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Issue with Consolidation

We load the GL data with YTD View. Data was loaded for 2024M2. There is no data loaded for 2024M3. For some reason after the consolidation/Force consolidation is run for 2024M3, the M3 P&L accounts are appears to reverse the M1 and M2. I do not expec...

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Resolved! XFProj on OS 7.4..2

Hi there,I am trying to extract a component using XFProj. I worked with that in the past.... it seems there is a bug on 7.4.2 as the below code works in v5 but not in v7.4. The documentation does not mention anything about the workspaces.Can you...