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Resolved! Eliminations not working in an Alternate hierarchy

We have our main hierarchy that has intercompany eliminations working as they should. We also have 2 alternate hierarchies where one is eliminating as it should, and the other is not eliminating. Consol - Primary Hierarchy - Percent Consolidation 100...

halbrooks100_0-1699908517794.png elim ic issue.png

Resolved! Application Database Folder and System Database Folder

I am wondering where are the files in the Application Database Folder and System Database Folder physically stored? I am able to find the files under FileShare in the directory where OneStream is installed, but I cannot find the physical folder struc...

Kai by New Contributor III
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Cube views row calculation

Hi All, I need to calculate the base members and roll up to Total member as shown in the below picture I tried using GetDataCell formula but am getting error, can anyone suggest how to do that.Please find the below snaps for your reference. Thanks in...

STDN_2-1699538247497.png STDN_0-1699537990368.png
STDN by New Contributor III
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How is the FX Rates CSV column "Has Data" used?

Does anyone know how the "Has Data" field in an FX Rates CSV file is actually being used? The Design and Reference Guide lists it as one of the columns in the file. I've only seen it extracted with a value of Yes in this column. What is its actual us...

KurtMayer by New Contributor III
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