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Assess in a rule if entity member is a parent

Hello All, We have a requirement to make some text display dynamically showing or not based on whether the entity member selected in a combo box is a base member or a parent. In my XFBR, I found this function that would give me this information but w...

MatthieuR by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Adding Cultures after Go-Live

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had experience adding cultures to an applicaiton after go-live. Considering this is a system wide change its difficult to test without applying across all applications. I'm wondering if the statement in the attached ...


Change Default Length of Comboboxes

The default length of visible line items for comboboxes seems to be eight. Is it possible to change this to larger numbers? Often there is more space on the screen and this would help avoid unnecessary scrolling. Thanks! (example from GolfStream App)

Federmann by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Alternative hierachies consolidation

Hi, my Entity dimension has a main hierarchy with TopMemberA being the top member, and an alternative hierarchy with TopMemberB as top member. It looks like this: TopMemberA - ParentA1 -- Entity1 -- Entity2 - ParentA2 -- Entity3 -- Entity4 TopMemberB...

AndreaF by Contributor II
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