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Intercompany matching at Parent entity ?

Hi We are looking at inputting certain Balance sheet entries at Parent entities. Is there a way to get OneStream's intercompany matching tool to work Parent to parent (rather than either base to base or base to parent) Ideally I don't want to substit...

JakeBrown by New Contributor
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Resolved! Entity hierarchy in different cubs

Hello!I need to use the same entity hierarchy in my second cube. In my second cube "marketing" I need to use the same entity hierarchy that I'm using on the first cube "Business". I need it because both cubes will be load entity information for the s...

Sandra4 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Apply regional settings number format in Onestrem

Hi Is there a way to aplply user regional settings number format using Onestream client cube views, report... ?Or to apply the format user by user, or form by form?Thanks in adavnce for the helpMarcello psI have noticed that the Excel addin shows the...

Marcello by Contributor
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Resolved! Imports WinSCP

Hi,I have an Extensibiity rule which uses the "Imports WinSCP" command as is used to connect to an SFTP server. The rule works fine. I have just made a copy of the rule within the same application because I wanted to try and make some changes, with t...

Afone by New Contributor III
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