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Resolved! Enhancing User Assignment Management

Seeking to improve efficiency for user management and security/audit review processes. The OneStream application is accurately showing the user assignments but it's only available in the OneStream application itself and the GUI is not very flexible i...

shaneb by New Contributor II
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Consolidate not working on Model scenario

Hello, For Planning we use a scenario of type Model, on this scenario I do not find why consolidation on Revenue accounts is not working. The translation is working, but it does not aggregate or consolidate to group level. For accounts of type Flow (...

Resolved! How to Install GolfStream demo application on cloud

How to install the Golfstream demo application on cloud? I have downloaded the GolfStream65 references material from MarketPlace. After unzip it, it was some .mdf and .ndf files. Since I'm on the cloud version, I am not able to access to the server. ...

ryanZli by New Contributor
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Hybrid Scenario Performance

Hello, we are working on a constant currency Actuals scenario that will be using alternate FX rates and are in the process of testing a Hybrid Scenario with the 'Copy Input Data From Source Scenario' setting. We are running the data copy with a 'Forc...

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ericci by New Contributor
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