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Resolved! Restricting mappings one to one

When mapping an item from the "Validate" step in the workflow, it is possible to save the mapping to an "(unassigned)" item.Is it possible to restrict the storage of the mapping so that it cannot be mapped to "unassigned"?Thank you

SaraB by New Contributor II
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how to delimite headers while uploading file

I am trying uploading a .csv file but i am getting transformation errors. In the source file the 3 rows are blank. How should I set the criteria value text anywhere within a line that triggers the lines to be bypass

psatkar by New Contributor
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Resolved! Stuck on Cancelling Task

I ran an import which was stuck on parsing data, I clicked on Cancel Task, but it has been stuck on 'Cancelling By User' task status for over an hour.Any solutions to cancel the task? I am unable to rerun the task as it is still "running"

bjornliow by New Contributor
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Resolved! Aggregation for the Periods to Year to Date in Forecast

I am having an issue with cash flow report taking last month's (ie Dec 2022) value to aggregating it to the year to date (ie 2022), ignoring other months (... Oct, Nov, ). Does the account type get affected by the view dimension, whether periodic or ...

Qiniso by New Contributor II
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