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workflow profile has no active input profile

The Data Cell is read-only because the Parent Workflow Profile 'FR Food HR' has no active Input Profiles for the Workflow Channels that are assigned to the Data Cell's Account and/or UD member. Entity=entityname, Account=Accountname, Origin=Forms.

Resolved! Create second line on a data import

Hello, I have imported data from a csv file with unit price adjustments. Data is transformed to use the correct UD2, UD5 with One to one transformation. In some cases there should be a second data record created with a different UD2 and UD5, is it po...

WF profile

Hi everybody, I've been wondering, in case there are some tasks that need to be executed only at year end by the user, is it possible to create a WF profile that is only active in december and does not show up in the other periods? If yes, how?Thanks...

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