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Incorrect Consolidated Data

Hello - we recently updated the stored values in the Percent Consolidation property in several large entity hierarchies, so there are 3 stored items with different time periods for each child. We found today that when we pull data using a YTD view, w...

benmac360 by New Contributor
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Unable to delete Entity member

Hi All,We have an issue where we are unable to delete an entity member from the hierarchy.We get this error: "Unable to delete member 'XXXX'. Error removing member. Member 'XXXX' has data.How can we clean the member 100%, so we can delete it? Thank y...

Romario by New Contributor
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OneStream 7.3.3 Update

Dear Community We want to update an application from the 6.8.1 version to 7.3.3 of OneStream. Is there any possibility that the member ID could change from one version to another? Thank you in advance

pbasso by New Contributor
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