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Custom Scope Error

Hello ! I am trying to execute the "LogonAndReturnCookie" web api. I thought everything was configured correctly, but I get the message (401 - unauthorized) : "Error processing External Provider Sign In information. Custom Scopes from the Request do ...

Sergey by Contributor III
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Combining Cubes

We would like to combine two of our cubes into one. Some of the UD dimensions will change in the new combined cube. Is it best to start with a new application? Any suggestions?

Application Language

My client needs me to capture foreign characters apart from regular English as part of Account Metadata. Some of their ERP(Account/Entity) data is in chinese characters and the question was will this be brought in to onestream in their local language...

GouravM by New Contributor II
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Process cube on a range scenario

Hello, i have a scenario with a range defined (i.e :Month 3 to Month 12) , i wanna process cube only on these months from month 3 to month 12. however when i launch the process cube through the workflow profile, it executes all the periods (even the ...

Cube View Access/Visibility

CubeView that was assigned to different role is still visible when the user is set to another role.Example:CubeViewProfile1 - Access Group: Role 1CubeViewGroup1.1 - Access Group: Role 1CubeViewGroup1.2 - Access Group: EveryoneCubeViewProfile2 - Acces...

bjornliow by New Contributor
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