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Custom calculation with all members of parameter

Hello all,I am building a planning application on which the end users interact via drop-downs for Entity and UD1 members, and click a "Save Inputs" button that saves input data and runs a custom calculation on the selected entity and UD1.This is done...

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SQL table editor - Read only column

HiDoes anyone know if it is possible to create a 'Read only' column in a SQL table editor?I have set the column format 'AllowUpdates = False' which almost gives the correct functionality. However, the field is still editable when you insert a new row...

MarkBird by Contributor II
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Resolved! Remove old databases from environment tab

Hello, I've deleted several on prem databases from both SSMS and the Database Configuration Utility, however, when I access System > Tools > Environment the deleted databases are still listed under OneStream Database Server with a message "((Database...

JustinO by New Contributor
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Resolved! Dashboard Types || Custom Control - v7.4

With v7.4, it's now possible to create separate Maintenance Units, to isolate a "solution". But with that also the new "Dashboard Type" have arrived, including "Custom Control", but also a new Navigation Action on a button, called: "Forward Custom Co...

FrankDK by Contributor
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