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View OneStream licenses

Is there a way to see the current OS license that is installed? We have recently had the number of user licences increased and now want to check that this has been applied, I'd hoped this would be in an obvious place like the environment or security ...

ianreid by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Shortcuts, Scaling, and HotKeys (V8.0)

Hello ! As stated in the OneStream V8.0 the release note document : Cube View Shortcuts: Cube views have been enhanced for scaling, shortcuts, andhotkeys. See Shortcuts, Scaling, and HotKeys for more information. (PF8-57) But this paragraph is nowher...

Sergey by Contributor II
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Database table copy

We have built a custom model in a dev environment and now want to migrate this to a user test environment. The build includes a number of database tables that we want to copy between the environments as they contain a large amount of data that needs ...

ianreid by New Contributor III
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