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Resolved! Set the value of a radio button on a dashboard

Hi AllI am updating the Admin Consolidations Dashboard (ADM) so that only some users can execute a Force Consolidate. I can hide the radio button group if the user does not have access but I am struggling to update the radio button group (Consolidate...

MarcusH by Contributor
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Edit Rates

Hi OneStreamers, I have a set of scenarios for forecast, rach one must have its own rate tables. Is it possible for me to use only one rate type and combine that with each scenario to input the rates ? Thank you, Adam

kakouchtim by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Pre-aggregated Hybrid Data copying twice

When I use the Pre-Aggregated Member settings, it is copying the data twice. I've tried multiple settings and multiple scenarios.For example, I have tried just O#Top=O#Forms. After I run the consolidation, there is data in both O#Import and O#Forms, ...

Create custom member filter - Tree

As we cannot filter the Tree member expansion, is it possible to create a custom Tree?If not as a custom expansion, perhaps a code that returns a tree i.e. XFTreeItem?Dimension:AccountParent1 + Member1 + Member2 +Member2.1 +Member2.1.1 +Member2.1.2 +...

RafMarques by New Contributor III
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Unable to clear stage data

Hi All, I am unable to clear the staging data even after doing " Clear" from import and "Clear all imported data from Cube" by giving right click on the period, Can anyone suggest how to clear that? Thanks in Advance

STDN by New Contributor III
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