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Security Setup

Hi, Anyone has any idea how I can setup security to limit the users from seeing other entities but at the same time not impacting IC partner for IC Matching Report? The cube views are setup for all entities. When doing it via entity dimension - setti...

Qiniso by New Contributor III
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YTD Entity Ending Mid Year

When loading a YTD feed for an entity, if that entity is terminated mid-year (possibly moved to a new entity due entity structure changes) the imputed periodic value translates at the current period FX rate causing there to be a residual USD value re...

bhenneuse by New Contributor
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Issue Making Application Copy with one enviroment

Was making a application copy of which we do all the time. I have one environment. OS told us to download the new version of application copy and we did. Ran fine last week now we are receiving a failed error. I noticed that the iis reset is now not ...

msantora_0-1704843418680.png msantora_1-1704843565545.png
msantora by New Contributor
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Resolved! Moving entity to new parent

We are moving an entity to another parent. Prior periods have been locked. Will this cause an issue with reporting as the entity will roll up under a different segment. Trying to determine if we need to create another entity for reporting purposes.

Surfhat1 by New Contributor II
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Define and Edit Text for IC members

Dear all, I'd like to know how do you define a particular text for an IC member. I thought that once you define a text for an entity having a IsIC = True will transfer that information automatically to the same member in the IC dimension but it seems...