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Transformation Rule Mapping Null

Hi, I am trying to load a CSV file to OneStream through my Workflow. I have a few rows in my csv file where the IC column is empty. I am trying to map those IC lines to go in "None". How would you do this? I have tried through a one-to-one mapping; s...

"Index was out of range" error

Hi, We have a user that is getting the error below while trying to refresh an excel file using Smartview. I've had a look at the file, and it's nothing special. Just a few XFgetCell formulas, and it runs fine for me. Error: Index was out of range. Mu...

Beeswing77 by New Contributor II
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plug accounts using P&L and Balance sheet types

We have an intercompany dividend we are trying to eliminate using a plug account. One entity is recording the expense the other entity is recording the dividend as an equity account. We are utilizing a plug account to match and have it appear on an i...

Grid View Component for Text Entry

I currently have a cube view set up that allows the user to enter lines of text to serve as commentary on the overall dashboard. The issue I am having is that the cube view does not allow for multiple lines of text on the same row. I have done some r...

Screenshot 2023-12-07 101333.png
Andy1 by New Contributor
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