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Pass Results from Business Rule into UD8 Formula

Hi - I have a dashboard XFBR business rule that calculates totals for members with a specific text value in a cube view. The rule is working as designed, and I have a couple GetDataCell functions in separate columns that reference these totals. Howev...

benmac360 by New Contributor III
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create an intercompany subtotal in a CV

Hi all, In a case we'd like to have a CV with 3 columns using different intercompany groups (group 1, group 2, group 3), for a particular account (1 row). Do you know how this can be done? I could do a member list but this would show the detail of ev...

Business rule

Hello Community, From the above image, you can see TM (dynamic calc), TMStored (stored calc).Here, If my current period is 2023M5,then it should skip current period and take further 12 periods( 2023m6,2023m7,2023m8,2023m9,2023m10,2023m11,2023m12,2024...

Akalya_N_0-1713356859054.png Akalya_N_0-1713357368098.png
Akalya_N by New Contributor
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Create an intersection of two hierarchies in the same UD

Hi all What would be the best way to create an intersection of two hierarchies within the same UD? For example, assume these are Profit Centres in UD1. I would like to be able to create a cube view where by I could choose a node from hierarchy 2 and ...

MarkBird_2-1713353626382.png MarkBird_3-1713353945220.png
MarkBird by Contributor II
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