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The OneStream Forum is a place for our members to ask questions, start discussions and connect with peers and OneStream. By posting in this area you’re helping others that might have similar questions and needs. OneStream strives to create a helpful, friendly and collaborative Community for you to participate in.
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    Seeding Actuals to Forecast for Extended dimension

    Hi ,I am trying to write a statement similar to below in a Finance business rule. This copies all data for source scenario to target scenario for Base accounts under a specific node and some additional filtering. This works fine when both Scenarios a...

    royari by New Contributor III
    • 1 replies
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    Resolved! Globals object in a spreadsheet rule

    Even a simple globals.getObject("_ex") throws a object reference not found error. Is the use of the globals object prohibited inside a spreadsheet rule?The code:Error log when this spreadsheet rule is used:But if I comment out line number 24, the err...

    sudarshan_0-1653650729608.png sudarshan_2-1653650913132.png sudarshan_3-1653650941609.png
    sudarshan by New Contributor
    • 3 replies
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