Restrictions on member Default Description

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Other than the 200 character limit, are there any other restrictions imposed on the Default Description for a dimension member? Thank you for your time.


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Hi @FM I'm not aware of any restrictions.  You can use #, $, /, \, and special characters but that does create a bit of a pickle when you're writing Business Rules.  If you're ever passing the member description anywhere for say an XFBR, you need to include hard brackets [ ] so as to not break code execution.   I checked and wasn't aware the limit is 200 characters, but you are correct.  This is a view from the AuditMember table that shows the Description field is nvarchar with length 200.  Also, didn't know the Member Name had a length of 500 limit:


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Thank you MikeG! You make a really good point about the special characters potentially causing issues with the business rule execution. I am going to weight that in and might end up excluding them from the text input as it might just be better that way.