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BI Viewer - Expression to grab a specific account on pane

Contributor II

I'm trying to figure out how to build an expression that pulls "Avg Fleet" numbers and plot a bar chat on an existing pane. 

I've asked a similar question in this post - I was able to make the syntax work. However I still can not isolate just Avg Fleet. I would appreciate any suggestions on what I should fix. 





I've been fairly new to Dashboard building that I need help to my bearings. Co


New Contributor II

Hi, Mustafa.  I reviewed your previous post, and it appears that you got the column chart that you were asking about to work.  I am not clear exactly what you mean in this current post.  Are you wanting to overlay a (horizontal) bar chart over the column chart above (on the same pane)?  I am fairly certain that that is not possible.  If that is not your request, can you please elaborate further?  Thanks.

Yes! That's exactly what I'm hoping to achieve. Basically overlay a bar chart (representing Total Fleet) over a line chart (representing Asset Yield for example)

The reason I believe its possible is because BI allows to draw a "second plot" which made me wondering if you can have two different types of data (Percentage and Dollar Values) on the same pane. 

New Contributor II

Hi Mustafa.  I did a bit of experimentation.  You can, as you know and have demonstrated, put a bar chart on one axis and a line chart on a secondary axis.  But I believe that what you wanted to do was to have a bar chart and line chart within the same pane and on the same axis.  In my experimentation I put a bar chart and 2 line charts on the same axis, as shown in the screenshot below.  One line chart uses the same data value as the bar chart but the other uses a different data value.  This was done using only one data source (data adapter).  My understanding is that it is only possible to have data from a single source within a chart.  I'll also paste below a second screenshot showing the Data Source and the Data items panes.  I hope this helps.