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Drill Back to Analytic Blend from Cube Data ???

Hi - Is it possible to drill back to the Analytic Blend tables from the cube data? I have an CV MD adapter which pulls the data from CV, and I created a Map & Bar chart and I want to create a Drill Back to the Analytic Blend tables because it has SKU...

Kris by Contributor II
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Connector Fields

We have fields defined in our connector that are not mapped to a dimension or attribute. I need to build a data adapter to take data from StageSourceData and tie it to the table that holds the data brought in by the adapter so I can grab one of these...

Oscar by Contributor
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Data Adapters and FDX

Hello team, I am trying to get a dump of Yearly data in one table where I will use joins of member table with data records and want to expose this in BI viewer so that analysis can be nicely done on Month on Month, YOY basis etc. however pulling so m...

SKMundra by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Retrieving data from analytic blend

There is a new column-store storage engine for reporting out of Onestream called "Analytic Blend". I have been examining the related documentation, and hoping to find an API that would allow this engine to return data for ad-hoc queries. We have cust...

dbeavon by Contributor
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Join Application Tables with External Database Tables

Hello -I have a SQL data adapter that connects to an external database for data loads, dashboards, etc. Is it possible in the query to join these external tables to tables in the Application database? The server name in the error is the OneStream dat...

bilbrandon by New Contributor III
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