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Multiple Or Statements

Hi I am trying to add conditional formatting to my CubeView to bold certain rows, so that it stands out for my users. I'm using treedescendants(i) to list out all the accounts to minimize any maintenance, so I can't bold the rows individually. Also, ...

bjornliow by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Grand Total movement

Hello community can the Grand Total be added at the top instead of the bottom? thank you a lot

grillin7 by New Contributor II
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Cube View indentation

Hi everybody, I'm currently developing a dynamic CV that gives the chance to the user to select an account hierarchy of choice to show in the report (P&L, BS etc.) through the parameter MainFormParentAcc_PL I'm having issues with indentation tho, bec...

fc by New Contributor III
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BI time dimension in columns

Hello People, I built this CV and then I'm building this BI I used the same CV above in the BI dashboard, however, I couldn't move the periods in the columns like in the CV. I would like to have the periods in the columns like in the CV to get the sa...

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grillin7 by New Contributor II
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